One of the most important parts of our Giant Letter project is to hear your responses. If you have been inspired by one of our letters and would like to share what it brought up for you, we'd love to hear about it. Please feel welcome to stop by and write a letter in person, or email us. Here are some of the messages we've received:

Hello, I just wanted to thank you! Making deliveries today I drove by and saw and read this! Made me think of my son and my wife has cirrhosis and now he is always trying to help her. I cried! Thank you!

That almost made me cry. That was truly beautiful & definitely put some heart into my day, reminding me to slow down & cherish every little thing. Much love.

This moved me to tears and helped me feel closer to my sibling. We pulled over just to read it. Thanks for this. It’s a sad story, but it’s important to tell all stories, even the ones that feel sad.

Hello Bobby, I once had a brother who also died of cancer. He was only 3 and I was 5 at the time. When he left this world he came to me in a dream to say goodbye. We are not alone. Your mom and my brother watch over us and make sure we are ok. Take care.

My mom died of lung cancer in February 2017 and I miss her greatly. She would have appreciated this & I somehow feel she moved me to come today.

Hello Bobby & Mr. McFluffins I really like what you’ve done here! Fantastic! It made me stop…it made me think…

I’m standing in this yard in tears! But of joy…Way to go Bobby for helping your mom!

This was beautiful. My 7yr old is struggling with the pandemic & my divorce (beginning 2020 — oof). His happiness & well-being is heavy on my heart right now, & this was incredibly moving. Thank you.

Wow! Big cells, little cells. Big books, little books. Big ideas, big manifestation. Made my day happier!!!

Hi, my name is ____. Me and my son were walking by earlier and I saw this and it made me very happy. I hope my son has this kind of heart when he is older <3. Thank you for bringing me happiness. <3

This brought a tear to my eye for the youthful wonder and imagination as well as the child’s encounter with such a sorrowful topic. Loved it.

I was driving by when I noticed this big book. I had to turn around and see what it was and I was so glad I did this was the most heart felt thing that I have had the pleasure of coming across. Thanks 4 sharing.

:) Thank you! With love.

I read about your beautiful heartfelt display I. The paper this morning. Thank you! Your words and thoughtfulness touched me deeply.

I was surrounded by peace and beauty. Thank you for sharing the sweet meaningful story. 1.12.21

Y’all. So cool & beautiful. This made me think of this boy. I really like him. I haven’t told anyone this…but it’s kind of scary because I think I might be falling in love with him. The bit about getting all gooey event if you’re not together and just the intensity of the world making so much sense. A wonderful find in the middle of my run. Xoxo

We look forward to reading the letter every year. Thank you for sharing with your neighbors. My dad died of lung cancer when k was 28. I know what Bobby feels. Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe.

This was such an inspiration to myself and my youngest daughter. Thanks for sharing such beauty in this world. I will share as well!

Hi! I love this so much! Even tho I couldn’t understand any of it. It’s awesome and inspiring to have something like this. Bless your hearts. Thank you for this.

I am so mad at my mom right now. I feel like she’s not present with me because she’s drinking too much and wrapped up in her own world. I know I’m old but I still need her. Trying to be strong. I know I need to be compassionate for her but I’m so angry. Thanks for all you do. Trying to make the most of this life while I can.

That note I read was so inspiring. Thank you, now you reminded me of someone.

Thank you for doing this! Took my mind off stress for a little:)

OMG I love to read this every day. I moved out near this neighborhood and I thought I will never get to see it again. Three years later and it’s here still.

We were driving by and couldn’t help but stop and read kt. It gave me some hope. Thank you for sharing your story <3

This was the highlight of my run. First week here in Austin & seeing how artistic, creative , open& welcoming everything & everyone is beautiful. Love the concept of everything & everyone is connected! <3

Heartbreaking and beautiful. Thank you.

Hello, yes this made me cry (happy tears). I love the solar system, all things space really. Thank you!

This sure did move me! I don’t regularly read fiction/poetry and this letter made me think more about the human condition outside my own bubble. I was thinking most about the phrases describing cancer cells S “friendly cells” who just happen to be killing a human. I never thought of it that way. It makes me think about how “spiritual cancer” rots away our hearts/minds/soul/whatever you call it. It can be deceiving in a sense that we don’t notice it and sometimes we actually enjoy/relish it. But it ruins us. I love art installations — thank you for lighting up this dreary year of 2020 which just something fun/thoughtful to look upon!

Thank you. It felt good to cry.

This sparked feelings of love for myself as a kid! Reminds me of doing science projects as a kid.

I wonder what a cell would think about freedom? To be a cell in a sense is to be a part of a system. Freedom is the opposite of everything the cell knows. I would love to ask the cell this question…

My husband is in medical treatment. I sent him a pic of our dog and your Giant letter. We love it. We also took pics of the microscope and send him pics of it.

Hi there. So o just wanted to say thank you so much for this beautiful thoughtful display of great imagination. You guys are amazing for this. Thank you so so much. God bless and stay safe out there.

When I read this it reminded me of how much a hero my mom is to me. As a black young male I’ve had to fight a lot. But before that she was doing all my fighting. When my racist teacher and principal tried to label me as “troubled child” and didn’t treat me as an equal to other students she got them fired. All the while having no job and no husband to help her. My mom is my heart as well as my strength. Besides God who strengthens both of us. Thanks for the letter and sorry for the hand writing.

Man was not expecting the letter to say that s#!t. Wow. And then find out Bobby ain’t even a real boy! You ###ing got me man! Bravo!

I loved the earth. It looks lSo realistic. I feel like I can just reach out and grab it. Your always so creative with the letters and designs. Your neighbor.

If only the world had more people like Bobby. Loving and leading with his heat. Kind and understanding yet wise and forgiving. Love is strong and my heart feels gooey like that. I feel at home. I’ve found that within. I am. I am home. I hope Bobby finds love and home within. She isnt really gone.

Love it! Thank you! I made a special bike ride here to see it a second time :)

Bobby, your world and life is full of wonder. Your heart filled with good. Don’t ever change who you are bc your impact will be realized when you grow old. Your passing by friend.

This is my first time down this street. Your words are a gift from the universe.

This made me stop and read. It made me think of my mother in law that was taken from us by ovarian cancer. It also made me wonder if we people were cells on a giant body. Are we healthy cells or cancer?

Bobby, sometimes it’s hard to understand why the cancer cells choose those we love most. My grandmother whose my best friend in the whole world is hosting those cancer cells in her lungs. They must be having too much fun because it’s hard for her to breathe. I loved this work of art and hope it provides a positive outlook to much a hard situation for others as it did for me today. Thank you. ___ from Denton, TX

Dearest neighbor. I always bring others to see this Giant letter. Thank you for keeping it up. With gratitude.I was moved.

Hello Giant letter. We love your letters every year. We love your creative mind. Bye.

As two scientists, we found this very touching. Thank you:)

This was so cute! Made me feel like a tiny little molecule in this big world.