2020 AUSTIN, TEXAS, 1300 W/6500 N

2020 AUSTIN, TEXAS, 1300 W/6500 N

Hey Mom!

Something epic was in my microscope tonight. It looked like a tiny Earth! I imagined somebody waving up at me through its clouds. You know how our hearts get all gooey for each other even if we aren’t hugging or in the same room? It was like that. Like this tiny cell was feeling my heart and reacting to me. Just then Mr. McFluffins jumped up on my desk and knocked over the microscope. I know he didn’t mean to break it but I had to go out and get some air. What happened next though…

As I climbed up in my treehouse, the sky felt like a giant pupil looking back at me. The stars twinkled how your eyes glisten when you hug me. I waved and yelled hello! There was no answer. But it really felt like a giant was watching me. When I got back to my room I saw the cell had slid across the glass and was spinning right where Earth was printed on my book! I thought how special this cell is. Remember that dream when I was little, where I was microscopic and your cancer cells invited me to Olive Garden? They were so nice. I showed them pictures of you and one guy smiled and said you had kind eyes and he wished he could meet you. I started crying because how could I explain to him what he was doing to my mom? Why don’t cancer cells understand that if they kill their world, they will die too?”

Mom, what if our solar system and all the stars are just super tiny cells inside a friendly giant’s head? And what if we can help her stay in remission just by sharing our heart with her? I know I can’t hug the giant universe or hug a tiny cell, but you know what they say about if you love something? I’m gonna take this cell back outside to its puddle and set it free.

Love, Bobby and Mr. McFluffins

As the writer of the Giant Letters, my job is to take stock of the people and events that have carried some weight over the course of a year, and to weave them all into a one-page story that hopes to offer emotional healing and transformation to its readers. I’ve been hesitant to share what inspires the letters, as the stories behind them are often difficult, but as violence and apathy surge in our world, I feel that creating an emotional context for discussion around it is key to our social healing. - Caro