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  • title Our first Giant Letter was installed, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois.
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On or around December 12, annually, we produce a giant letter and an accompanying sculpture. Our installations seek to uplift the human spirit and to help foster connection.

After a decade of production we are taking a little break to reflect, reconfigure and prepare to turn the page to an exciting new chapter.

We’ll be feeling the grief of not getting to connect with y’all, but we look forward to announcing our next steps when the time is right.

We hope everyone has a happy and healthy holiday season, in whatever way you may celebrate. And we’d like to send a special shout-out to those who struggle this time of year. While our letter will not be up, our hearts are open to you and we welcome your moving, personal messages any time of year. ❤️🙏

We’ll continue curating reels and doing occasional posts that intend to uplift, intrigue and move the heart. We hope you can enjoy these until we’re ready to begin posting more regularly again.

Thank you for all you have given back to us so thoughtfully through the years. It’s been an incredible ride so far.❤️

Love, Team Giant Letter


Since the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012, Giant letters on lined paper between Santa and a fictional boy named Bobby have been appearing in Chicago. The project, which is created annually, aims to produce the overview effect to foster connection between strangers. The artists hope to engage and unite observers of all backgrounds. The fictional atmosphere unfolds into a new chapter, live, every year. Each installation offers a handwritten letter, accompanied by other giant items such as an 9-foot pencil, 3-foot cookies, a 4-foot glass of milk, a 30-foot tape measure, and even smaller and more giant letters included within the giant letters. Our project is slowly filling out the backstory of a giant boy who has a special ability to transform destructive emotions into emotions that can alter his reality in inspiring ways. Here's a little note from our fictional giant boy, Bobby:

Hi, I’m a 100-foot tall boy named Bobby. I may not be a real boy, but my heart is real and that's where my giant letters come from. My mom, Lucinda, and I look forward to getting to know you as I start to come to life and you can visit parts of my world. I like to hear your stories even if they are hard to hear. I know how important words can be to help us understand each other. You can stop by and drop a letter in my mailbox or you can email me if you have something on your heart that you'd like to share.

Love, Bobby