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Giant Letter

"Hi, I’m a 40-foot tall boy named Bobby. I just turned 12 December 1st. I may not be a real boy, but my heart is real. Somebody is writing a story about me and my mom to explain why my giant letters appear but until that comes out, you can learn a little more about us through Instagram, Facebook and giantletter.com. You can ask us questions if you want to and I can talk about some stuff but can’t tell you everything just yet. I look forward to getting to know you as I start to come to life for you. Mom chimes in sometimes too, her friends call her Lucinda.

Love, Bobby"

Giant 12 foot letters to and from a fictional boy named Bobby have been appearing in Chicago, IL and Austin, TX since 2012. Through these letters we experience a young boy's struggles to understand himself in a complex world.

The giant letters create a physical atmosphere that invites the public to share in Bobby's life. They are accompanied by items such as a 9 foot pencil, 3 foot cookies, a 6 foot tall glass of milk, a 12 foot tall microscope or a 7-foot piece of pie. The project, Giant Letter, is written, constructed and installed annually by Caro d’Offay, Laura Gilmore and Marj Wormald with the help of woodworkers and volunteers. We are always seeking volunteers who can help us bring the installations to life and to extend the reach of the project. We encourage your inquiries.

"Giant Letter Opening" is an event--the unveiling of a new letter every year which takes place each December 12th just after nightfall until 10pm at annually disclosed locations. They are generally on display until January 11th.

2020 Letter is up through 0202/2020!

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List of letters


DNAinfo by Linze Rice 2016

DNAinfo by Linze Rice 2015

WGN TV Chicago Gaynor Hall

CBS Local Chicago Brad Edwards

Fox 32 Bettina Chang of DNAinfo

ABC7 Chicago

WGN Radio