2021 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1300 W/6500 N

2021 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, 1300 W/6500 N

Dear Bobby,

I've been preparing one of your favorite meals for dinner. As I've cut the onions and celery, soaked the beans ad stirred the spices into the pot, I've also been meditating on the joys of being your mom. So save your appetite, becuase it's chili night. I even got you Fritos or "corn ships" as you used to refer to them when you were little.

But there's another dinner that I'd like to share with you tonight too. I'd like to reenact that dream you reminded me of last year. I know it sounds weird but there's something very healing about the thought of sitting around a table and sharing childhood stories and laughter with my cancer cells. When I was sick, I could feel them fighting me and I resented them. You helped me understand that it's not their fault, that if I turn them into monsters, I'll have monsters living inside me. So I have to twist the golden rule around just a bit. I have to help the cells look up and notice the being they live inside so that they can return to their goodness.

I know this is a much longer tape measure than you probably need but I want you to dream big and make big magic.

All my love,


P.S Give Mr. McFluffins the bow when you take it off. He's been fixated on it all day.

As the writer of the Giant Letters, my job is to take stock of the people and events that have carried some weight over the course of a year, and to weave them all into a one-page story that hopes to offer emotional healing and transformation to its readers. I’ve been hesitant to share what inspires the letters, as the stories behind them are often difficult, but as violence and apathy surge in our world, I feel that creating an emotional context for discussion around it is key to our social healing. - Caro