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My Dearest Bobby,

I just found these amazing confetti T-Cells you used to make for me. When I’d hear the hole-puncher clicking and you’d come out to help me sprinkle them on my head my heart would beam. They’d “hug my cells the way moons hug planets,” you explained. One time when I asked...



Dear Santa,

The best thing happened! First I was feeling really sad tonight about how I can't remember what Mom's eyes look like anymore. What if Dr. Holland is right about her coma and i won't ever get to see her eyes again? I was holding Mom's hand explaining to her about how something...



In Circlo

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2016 Chicago

MICRO LETTER: Dear Santa, I am good. Im fustrated but safe here on Circlo. I keep practising on how to travel to Circlo because somebody here really needs me. but i lose my powers here because i”m to small. I can feel somebody here needs help but nobody can see or hear me no...


2016 Austin 1

Dear Nicholas,

I was getting ready for work today when strange flying creature began circling my head. I realized it was a bird from the planet Bobby’s been talking about and followed it down the hall into his room. Bobby was sleeping with what, at first, I thought was a toy tree in his...


2016 Chicago 2

Dear Bobby,

I know this is a confusing time for you. You thought that being a Giant boy on earth would make helping others easier. But what you are learning right now is that your true power isn’t in your physical strength or your height. Your power is in your heart, just like Captain...


Micro Letter

Bobby, you saved me. You saved my village. I don’t know how you did it, but I just want to thank you on behalf of my village here on Earth. – Amira



Dear Santa,

Thanks for the Captain compassion book. Mom and i read it every night. The best is how he turns mad feeling into super powers out of his chest to help other people, even the bad guys. Captain says when he’s angry its really he’s sad. When i think about dad I get sad but i don’t...



Dear Bobby,

When a person enters this world, and when he leaves it, the only thing he carries with him is his soul. The next time you see someone being unkind to William, remember that how people treat others is how they feel about themselves. If someone doesn’t feel connected to his soul,...



Dear Santa,

It’s me, Bobby. I’m sad today because my friend, Will, is really sick and doesn’t have a house or food. But you know what he says is worst is that nobody ever looks into his eyes. He said he wishes he had more friends like me and mom because his heart feels warm and he has a...



Dear Bobby

I’m sorry that your friend is going through such a hard time. Yes he is on my on my naughty list but i never give up on anyone. I want to share a secret with you. The only reason someone gets moved from my nice to naughty list is because they stop believe they are good. When...