Over the course of the past 10 years we at Giant Letter have met hundreds of people and we’ve heard even more stories through conversations in our yard and through the letters strangers have left behind in our mailbox. If there was a machine that could take a painful emotion and distill it down into an emotionally tolerable piece of paper, it might look a bit like our Giant Letter project.

We’ve met mothers who have had to say goodbye to children before they had a chance to grow up. We’ve met children who never got to see their parents or grandparents grow old or to get to say goodbye before they left. We’ve met elders who shared with us, how they were reminded of loved ones and events they had long forgotten. We’ve met young people struggling with painful emotions ranging from breakups to lost jobs to full on rage. Each and every note and communication is as important a detail as any in the tapestry of the Giant Letter project.

Each year, we have privately dedicated our letters to the people we’ve lost in our personal lives. This year we would like to make those dedications more formal and to invite you to write about anyone you’d like us to add to our dedications page. You will find them here by name, but if you want to know more about them, you can find information at the bottom of every letter page. Dedications do not always correspond with year of passing.