Team Giant Letter

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Caro is the writer and creator of Bobby and his world. She is the core writer of each year's Giant Letter and is the torch bearer for the concept of the project. She designs the large scale sculptures and creates maquettes of each sculpture to guide the construction. She also manages the website and all social media channels when she's not busy creating worlds and warming hearts.



Marj immerses herself into all aspects of the project and she is the lens that brings Bobby's world into focus. She keeps the calendar on track, supports the social media engine, bridges the gaps and smooths the rough edges. You might find her baking a hundred miniature pumpkin pies, building the framework for an eight foot slice of pie or doing an impromptu interview in her best holiday pjs.

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Laura brings Bobby's giant world to life. She works with every tool, from a delicate paintbrush to a circular saw to create a mouth watering slice of giant pie, and from a putty knife in hand to standing on a twelve foot ladder to get the right vantage point to create a three foot wide cappuccino cup. She has also earned the title from the team as an all around badass.