Giant Letter is a sculptural installation that was established in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood in 2012. A new installation has been created every year since then in front yards of homes in Chicago, IL and Austin, TX.

The giant letters are 8-foot x 12-foot replicas of a handwritten letter on lined paper. The goal of the project is to foster self-reflection and genuine human connection by inspiring a sense of awe and warmth in strangers passing by.

Giant Letter is a correspondence between a giant boy named Bobby and the significant people in his life (primarily his mother). The letters are nestled within the personal items of giant characters in the stories, such as a 9-foot pencil, 3-foot chocolate chip cookies, 16-foot microscope or a 4-foot glass of milk, and serve to extend an atmosphere of universal warmth and tenderness to the public.

An important component of Giant Letter is the response from visitors. Over its 9-year span, we've been doing this, we've received hundreds of personal letters from strangers, expressing struggles and triumphs, and a genuine appreciation for the emotional impact felt upon visiting the installations.

Giant Letter believes that each human being is inherently good. Simply put, our installations offer a way for visitors to connect to their true heart.