Dear Santa, < 2018 >

The best thing happened! First I was feeling really sad tonight about how I can't remember what Mom's eyes look like anymore. What if Dr. Holland is right about her coma and i won't ever get to see her eyes again? I was holding Mom's hand explaining to her about how something super tiny has a power to move a star up in the sky. I was telling her how the microscope is teaching me to see how tiny things and giant things are connected. Just then I thought mom squeezed my hand just as a shooting star shot across the sky. I thought maybe I felt it wrong but then her eye lashes started to move and then she opened her eyes and we got to say hi for just a second before she fell back asleep. Dr. Holland wouldn't believe it but Kristine did and made him do a scan and he just came in with the other doctors and they said it was a miracle said it was a sponanius ramition. I don't know how to spell it but it means that her cancer is gone! Santa, she is waking up and the whole floor of nurses and doctors are smiling with us. The shooting stars are sparking in the sky and mom's brain is sparking back to life.


P.S Thank you for the Asabov Microscope. I feel bad because I stopped believing in magic but now I know magic is real again. Im not crying because i am sad. I am crying because I can feel the shooting stars in my heart.