Dear Bobby, < 2016 Chicago >

I know this is a confusing time for you. You thought that being a Giant boy on earth would make helping others easier. But what you are learning right now is that your true power isn’t in your physical strength or your height. Your power is in your heart, just like Captain Compassion. No, you can’t create lasers from your heart to shoot out, but your powers are even bigger. Think back two years ago when you shared with me, that dream you had about your ants. They were crying for you to help them, but you couldn’t hear what they were saying. THIS was the moment your powers really began. Remember the sensation in your chest when you woke up? You said that your heart felt like it was flowing out like a river and that without even thinking about it, you picked up your ant farm and saw something you hadn’t noticed before, that there was a crack in the glass and your ants’ water had been evaporating. They were dying of thirst. These little actions of care have a much greater impact than you realize.Your powers are that you don’t need to hear words to know people are suffering, just keep listening with your heart and let it lead you to those who need your help.


P.S I know your mom is worried about you since she learned that you’ve been traveling to other worlds, but she is also learning how important your ability to help others is. We all are. Keep it up! Your heart is a power too strong not to use.