Dear Nicholas, < 2016 Austin >

I was getting ready for work today when a strange flying creature began circling my head. I realized it was a bird from the planet Bobby’s been talking about and I followed it down the hall into his room. Bobby was sleeping with what, at first, I thought was a toy tree in his hand, but as the bird flew into the tree I peered in to see a tiny girl sitting on a real branch! I gasped as she waved up at me and tried to tell me something. Her voice was so small that i couldn’t hear her so I tore a tiny piece of paper off, sharpened a pencil and broke the tip off the lead and passed it through the branches to her. She spent some time writing as I sat in amazement, watching her little hand holding this speck of graphite to write a message. Just as she handed me the paper, Bobby woke up and all but the letter disappeared. When we put the note under Bobby’s microscope to read and Bobby’s eyes glistened with happiness. I finally understood what has been getting to him lately. He just wants to know he’s making a difference.



p.s. I hope you and the Elves are having a productive season! I have included the tiny letter from the little girl.