Dear Santa, < 2015 >

Thanks for the Captain Compassion book. Mom and i read it every night. The best is how he turns mad feeling into super powers out of his chest to help other people, even the bad guys. Captain says when he’s angry it's really he’s sad. When i think about dad I get sad but i don’t want to forget him. I think I understand what Captain means to hold somebody in your heart. Its not like holding something in your hands. Its like when i saw the butterfly in class and we let him out into the sky. I felt happy watching him fly away even though my friend was gone from the jar. Do you think Captain’s heart lasers are like caterpillars changing into butterflies in his heart? Maybe i can have powers like Captain Compassion and change my feelings into heart lasers and help people feel happy too. I’m gonna try.

Love Bobby

P.s. Mom made you some cookies and a glass of milk. I helped lick the bowl.